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Ultra Brilliant LED Neon Signs

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Dual Color Led Neon Signs

Dual Color Signs are beautiful and at an affordable price!


 These are great gifts for everyone, for every occasion & for everywhere! Compare to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, our signs are:

    More affordable than glass neon tube signs (50-70% cheaper!)
    Less electricity consumed (3 watt only! Saving you money in the long run! )
    More environmental friendly & safer to use & touch (no noxious gas, no mercury, very little heat)
    Less maintenance required (no need to refill gas, can last for 50,000 hrs/ 5-10 yrs)


    Overall size: W 16"x H 12" (W 400mm x H 300mm).
    Uses LED as light source, consumes only 3 watt, life span is longer than 50,000 hours


    Provided a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire with ON/OFF switch function. (US plug 110v to USA & CA) (UK plug 240v to UK) (AU plug 240v to AU & NZ) (EU plug 240v to EU & other countries)


    Maintenance free: No noxious gas & mercury, no periodic refill needed

    Safe to use: Absolutely safe to use or touch

    LED signs are carved by the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies (attractive in all directions).


   13 color combinations to choose from!



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